Sedefsan Printing and Packaging Co. has entered Food Packaging sector in 1996 and has been serving in this sector since 1996. Sedefsan Company is located in Busan Industrial Zone in 4000 m2 covered area. Our company aims to reply our customers' need best. For better service, Sedefsan Company meets customers' need best by dividing factory area into 6 departments; PVC production, Rotogravure Printing, Lamination, Metallization, Cutting Unites, Quality Control and Graphic Design. Following the innovations and technological development closely, Sedefsan Printing Company produces according to ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and under ADR Quality Management System. Our main aim is to unite the present technological facilities with the experience of our team and to produce only quality. Sedefsan Printing Company operates in the food packaging sector since 1996 with the reasonable prices, high performance. Sedefsan serves its customers in accordance with international standards and with the most excellent level of service to meet customer's demands and expectations. Sedefsan Printing Company's basic approach is to develop the skills of employees to outcome their potential, make working style compatible with the aims and strategies, prepare company to the future relying on practiced experiences and be a partner with its customers by working shoulder to shoulder.

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